• Rats. I think.
    • Anonymous
      OMG yes, me too: there is a family of them in the park I walk through, I'm sure they can read my mind & they even brought their baby rats out when I arrived near their nest: I reported the rats to the park keeper & he said there are loads all over the park. People even feed them...yuk!
    • Abha
      People FEED RATS ??????? COME ON !
  • Various situations, cautious with all people.
    • Anonymous
      Erm, wise.
  • That I will fail to respond correctly. Okay -- that "now" is no more, I'm okay.
    • Anonymous
      lol, don't be scared tell us the problem, y'know the correct response is sometimes 'learnt' rather than intuitively known, depending on if it is for work (professional) or in general. Don't beat yourself up about it if you fail :)

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