• I can tell you of the opposite.. but you have to promise you won,t give me a thumbs up or thank me! It was not cool when at our towns, amusement park..when kids would run by and snatch your cotton candy off the tube about the time you were take the first bite! It is cool now though cause I married one of those kids. After we grew old enough of course:-)
  • Kool-Aid. Excess of sugar caused the change.
    • Linda Joy
      Use stevia.
    • mushroom
      Actually, my response was inaccurate. I certainly hadn't given up sugar drinks, but tastes changed. Now, I look back in horror at the perfumed stuff I swilled by the vatful.
    • Franco333
      I think the formula changed since the early days. Kool-Aid was wonderful when I was young, up until about 25 to 30 years ago, then it suddenly tasted awful.
  • Lots of things. One example: when I was a kid, I saw a television show that I thought was hilarious. I sought it out on Youtube once I was old, and didn't find it very funny.
    • Linda Joy
      I did that with music. I used to love Molly Hatchet, but put them on later and realized some of the lyrics were not very nice! Frankly I was a little sad at the thought.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I always listened to a lot of instrumental music. It bypasses that problem altogether. But I agree: much of the vocal music I enjoyed as a pre-teen and as a teenager seems dumb to me now, almost always because of the lyrical content.
  • probably school, irn not good with it, i end up flunking out of college
  • My mullet
    • Linda Joy
      I'm trying to picture Archie with the pipe ... and a mullet!!! Hahahaha!
    • Archie Bunker
      And I had it perm'd.
  • Bell-bottoms.
    • Linda Joy
      They're still groovy, dude!
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I guess I'm out of the loop.
  • A playing card held on the bike forks with a clothes peg to make a "motorbike" noise against the spokes. Apparently this isn't cool now I'm in my 50s.
  • Personally., Blowing up horse poop with firecrackers after a parade in my home town. I'd be hard pressed to do it these days as the bag might get too heavy to carry. Leave it for the city crews.
  • The TV show "The Herculoids". Still the best plot/setting ever for a TV series (what's not to like about a space-Tarzan with a team of laser-beam-shooting dinosaurs defending his planet and space-Jane and space-Boy against evil, invading aliens?), but the writing was horrible and the animation sub-par.
    • Franco333
      Definitely deserves a redux, only done right.
  • snow. Loved it when I was a kid because it meant no school. Now I view it as bothersome mess. Sometimes a hindrance too. Since my knees are bad. Plus being born with balance issues. iow I can't walk on ice.
  • I have to agree with "snow". As a very young kid, I loved it. By the time I grew into an older kid, not so much so. After becoming an adult, I spent years driving in it, hauling freight. The one positive aspect is that it shows all of the people who should have never been allowed to drive.
    • Linda Joy
      I live in the south now, but I was required to go to "skid school" when I was stationed in Maine. I know how to drive in the snow, but I won't down here, because no one else does!!
  • The whole concept of 'cool' and 'uncool'. I now see through it as just another version of social control and peer pressure. With age comes least for those of us that grow up. Peter Pans exempt of course!
  • Watching wrestling on tv. Later as I grew up I realized it's fake and staged and no more worth my time
  • Mood rings. (True story.)
    • Linda Joy
      I had one, too!

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