• i would feel bad at first, but then i would get sort of angry but relieved because if he cant respect my beliefs then its best for us to not be together.
  • Happy that they are honest about what they believe to be an incompatable component of my person and decide to end it soon instead of stringing me along and waiting for the irreconsilable difference to become the source of a miserable relationship for an extended period of time.
  • Relieved.
  • Relieved.
  • Reassess what the guy was all about, and conclude that he'd wanted to make a "good, holy housewife" out of me--in other words, subservient baby maker.
  • I would think they were very justified as I am a satanist. But I would hope they would have not concidered me as a potential partner because if they had knowing that, I would imagine their only reason for being with me at all was to convert me.
  • Even though I am a believer and committed to God, I think that one might feel relieved to not be in a relationship where someone else was judging that commitment. It might be true. It might not be. Either way, it seems to suggest a potential for conflict. One can always be enriched by examining ones relationship with God, but not as a resume item for a romantic relationship. All the best to you.

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