• i wouldnt create terrorists
  • I would clearly communicate with people instead of being 'mysterious'
    • MisterKatt
      Correction: I would READILY communicate... (stupid auto correct)
    • OrangeDonRump
      You can edit your answers any time without having to make new answers.
    • MisterKatt
      How to do that?
    • pamela
      you have an edit button..that orange box on ya right ..oops now its red when i want to end the edit ,i gotta click it
    • MisterKatt
      Got it, thanks!
  • Well...think about it. If I were God, then I would be *omniscient* *omnipotent* *unwaveringly moral*. Given that combination of characteristics, the only thing I would do is EXACTLY what God has done.
  • I would have forgiven Adam and Eve for their sin in the Garden of Eden because they were deceived, not being just willfully disobedient. Being naive shouldn't be an infinitely punishable offense.
  • Were I god, I would have 4 different days every year be days where any bet made, the better won. All but between 2 people.
  • id make it so no one dies EVER
  • There is no god - and nobody has ever proven otherwise. This is a pointless question.
  • Were I god I would have killed the companies and people that held up the simple cure for type 1 Diabetes; Liposuction, extract and strip down Mesenchymal Stem Cells, coax them to grow into Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma cells then transplant them on the liver.

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