• i would like to know, i had a neighbor kill herself and i wish i had known so they couldve saved her life but i didnt find out till after she died. i probably wouldnt tell her, it nnight freak her out
  • I built the place, so they would have had to have been very sneaky to pull that one off. :P
  • I'd only care if someone showed up dead while I was still living there. Other than that? Don't care.
  • Had a cat crawl up under my tub and die, sure was stank. I had to rip out the tub and part of the floor. No one has died here...yet.
  • I did live in a flat where the previous tenant had died, the landlord didn't tell me, a neighbour did. It was natural causes and it didn't bother me, I'm a pretty logical person & I realise we all go eventually but I might feel differently if there was something weird like the last three occupants had mysteriously been found dead in the same circumstances & police had nothing to go on. In the sad case of someone taking their own life I don't think it would stop me moving in if there was no link between the property and the death.
  • People have died almost everywhere, so there is no point to even ponder it at all. Even in a new house, someone died in the field it was in before the house was even built. I'd leave your neighbor alone about it after accepting that.
  • If you are thinking about an earthbound spirit, your neighbor will know soon enough....and just because someone died in that unit does not automatically means a ghost. Considering how many have died throughout the ages, and how few ghosts there are, it ain't that commonplace.
  • no I don't want to know. but as long as there's no smell, I'm good. BTW, if you do tell them, they might ask for a discount on the rent. this divulgence could backfire on you.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't own the apartment complex. I just rent here.
  • Did you say you heard them commit suicide? Did I read that right?
    • Linda Joy
      Yes. I didn't think anything of it, just heard furniture being moved overhead. Didn't realize what happened till the daughter came home and found her and screamed "no momma, no!" And later outside I heard her grandson say "But I loved my grandma!" I didn't know them because I hadn't been here long. But it made me think of my grandson.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Oh wow, that must’ve been really sad for you to hear the family. I imagine someone would have to be pretty bad off to do that in a way that allows your child to be the one to find you
  • No I wouldn't but still a sad thought... :I

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