• Since you tried calling her number already, what you can do is leave her a text message. Maybe she likes to text. I know I do when I don't answer my cell phone.
    • pearllederman
      I wrote a note and asked someone that lives in her building to tape it to her door, i did find her last name, someone gave me a link to look up numbers so their last name came up and i got it , i was going to visit her but when i asked the hospital they said she wasnt there, so i dont know where she is since she not home either, i already tried that
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      At least you got her last name, so have more patience. You will be able to communicate with her or her loved ones when you least expect it.
  • I know how you feel! My upstairs neighbor went to the hospital over two weeks ago and I haven't seen him since. I only can pray for him. Sometimes they go to rehab after the hospital. Maybe she went there.
  • Mailman never brought you her mail by mistake? That's how I know my neighbours' last names. You could also do a reverse addresse look-up. If that doesn't work, maybe this person doesn't want to be found. Otherwise, I don't think there's any moral dilemma looking someone up to send wellwishes or flowers or whatever.

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