• I've changed my opinion before after learning more facts.
  • I change my opinions very seldom, as the vast majority of them result from a lot of research, and a lot of thinking about what was uncovered. Maybe 5% turns out to be based on faulty research, or suppositions instead of actual facts, and in this event, I alter the opinion to reflect the new evidence. I can't think of even one I have been in contact with that has ever changed their opinion, irregardless of any facts or evidence presented, which is why I waste little time in debate. ---- -----
  • I'm with Franco333 on this response. I do thorough research before I commit to any statements. In the event I have been the victim of faulty facts, I will acknowledge my mistake and appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
    • Chicagoan
      Too bad you both research such poor sources for your information!
    • Franco333
      Allow me to translate Libturdese for those not fluent: "How dare you not consult our wonderful and honorable MSM? Just because they have been flat out wrong so many times, and been caught in outright lies so many times, and have come to specialize in half-truths or intentional disinformation over the last four years is NO justifiable reason to doubt their veracity, and exclude CNN, NYT, Rachel Madcow, Snopes, etc., from your sources. REEEEEEEE!"
    • 1465
      Gee! I'm sorry, Boss - no one TOLD me to.
    • Chicagoan
      The TINFOIL HAT Club! LOL!!
  • MSM does it every day, which is why I haven't watched the news for 25 years. Only OANN. I like to hear the facts and decide for myself instead of being brainwashed by the liberal mainstream media.
    • Chicagoan
      OANN! LMFAO!!
  • Watching a lot of Republican idiots changing their mind about the vaccine, while dying in the hospitals these days...
    • Franco333
      Of course the influx of demoncrat deepcover agents (otherwise known as NeoCons) have absolutely nothing to do with the inner rot of the Republican Party. I'd add that courage to stand up against leftist bullies from without, or peer pressure to not make waves from within, is not universal. For every one like me that will leave a couple of your Libturd Brownshirts (SJWs) bleeding on the sidewalk, you can easily find a hundred cowards that prefer to run, hide, cower, play pacifist, or conform to your leftist norm. Twas always so.
    • Chicagoan
      Franco and his too-tight TINFOIL HAT. LOL!!

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