• No. Why on earth would I do that? There are plenty of good places to hide money in the house if I needed to hide money.
  • No, but when I was little, I buried some jewlery in my back yard because I wanted to be a pirate. HE HE HE
  • No I have better places to keep it .I think money is wonderful when it breeds so I put it in a nice safe environment to help it along. Either that or I spend it.
  • no cuz i dont have extra money and a back yard... how sad... :( but if i did have a huge back yard and money to put hide...i might
  • No have to have some before I bury it you see.
  • Nope never did, even as a kid. But I do think it's a good idea to have a stash of money away from your home in case of emergencies, like fire or banks closed, evacuations and you'll need cash to leave the house like to buy gas and such. I've seen too often in emergencies how people are stranded because they have no cash.
  • Lol.... never done that. There are plenty of nooks and crannies inside my house to take care of that if I ever feel the need to stash money.
  • No, it wouldn't have done me any good if I did, because every time my dog would see me bury something, he'd always dig it up again! ARGGHH!!
  • money? what's money? how do you bury something you don't have?
  • No. I buried a gun once though. It's a long story.
  • LOL. I think when I was very young (around four or five, I can't remember exactly when), I buried a few coins because of my belief then that they would grow and become paper money in the future :)
  • No, but I read or heard somewhere that you have to be careful that bacteria doesn't destroy it. I guess some bacteria like to eat the paper or the dyes. Also, you would have to keep the money airtight, and bugtight, so to speak. Bugs will eat it. And mice. Put it in glass or metal to keep the mice out. And water. It's amazing how anything you bury seems to get wet. If the money gets wet, it could rot from the mildew and mold, etc.
  • Yaa,I did it during my childhood in a hope to get a tree with coins as fruit.

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