• not yet
    • Black Mystique
      I don't think I have yet. Would I know it if I saw one?
    • AskingForaFriend
      They usually look like a faint star moving in a straight line across the sky. When you see it, you can tell it is not an airplane.
  • 9-10-2017 Some people make a hobby of looking for Iridium flashes.
    • AskingForaFriend
      It's exciting to spot one!
    • Roaring
      That's cool Jewels. Haven't seen this before
  • Yes a while ago my neighbor pointed it out. It tracks much faster than any plane and has a steady luminescence.
  • Back in the 60s and 70s I used to sit in the back yard and watch some of the satellites. One was a large balloon about 100 feet in diameter. It came around about every 90 minutes. The last I saw was the current space station. I saw it once.
  • I spend some time at a place out in the countryside, away from light pollution. We can see the International Space Station pass over late at night.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Always fun to see. You can spot Starlink satellites coming over now too. Looks like 60 ISS all lined up!
  • Yes I have, every night. 😍😎😏
  • How did you know my eye was naked!?! Have you been spying on me?!!
  • The only one I have been absolutely sure of was the International space station when I was camping in the country 2 years ago. It was so bright & fast moving I got my binoculars out to see it more clearly & It was unmistakably the ISS. It looked like a big H & only took about 10 minutes to go completely cross the sky from horizion to horizon . I now have an app on my phone that predicts the path of various satellites on any given night . unfortunately i seldom get phone service at my usual campsite.
  • I have an app on my phone that lets me know when a satellite or the space station is overhead.
  • Yes, there is one visible just after sundown in the western sky just a little above the horizon right now.

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