• No. Its not good for the fish! Just kidding. I'm not allowed to have pets at this time. Do the fleas count in this count? What about the worms and ear mites? And how do you count them? Oh no! I just thought of the bacteria! Wow we all ride a wave of bacteria to bed every night! Haha! And all these years I thought I slept alone at night! haha
    • Wakko
      And don't forget those pesky germs. They eat, then poop all over you. xD
  • I have 3 terriers that try to kick me out of bed all night. Sheesh, you'd think a queen bed would be big enough, but noOOOOooo.
  • Yes,often. Four cats,most shared pets and or emotionally assistance animals. One in particular likes to cuddle with me and that is all. :)
  • dont have any
  • Sometime my cat does but I mostly have reptiles and 2 ferrets

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