• nny brother put nny father in one
  • Yes, I had to do that to my father. He began to be lost in dementia. He took a fall and was unable to walk any more. He passed away 0n 9/24/08 at 90.
  • No. My siblings and I were caregivers for our parents during their final years
  • I cared for my father at home for two of his last years, until he had a major stroke, which required him to have more skilled nursing/medical attention every day - so I had to put him into a home for his final three months.
  • No my father left when I was two and my mother died in the hospital from cancer. I'm sorry if this happened to you. What did you do? Did you have a patient advocate? I forgot if you are atheist. For those who aren't there is usually a chaplain you can talk to. Did you take them out of the home or find another one that allowed more input from family?
  • My MIL.

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