• I think it would be a good idea! And maybe you could invite someone from your church to come visit as well and maybe volunteer at an animal shelter or volunteer to rock babies at the hospital.
    • pearllederman
      ive been emailing with someone at the united way about all this, i wanted to mentor but you need to drive for that, i might want to visit people in homes that dont have visitors. I cant invite people over right now, not when im dealing with bedbugs. I dont even have a bed anymore, I havent seen them in the last couple of days, so im wondering if the last one finally died, been using alcohol rub, im thinking i got rid of a lot of them when i got rid of my bed, been sleeping on the couch, at least theyre not going there, theyre doing heat treatment here in two wks.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah I forgot about your bugs. Good call not inviting anyone over till your heat treatment. Hopefully you'll get them gone!
    • ARTICFOX700
      I Think it would a "GREAT" IDEA to get out and volunteer. I know what your going through no people around, at least you have one friend. Same thing happens here going to the same church for 40+ years nobody even says hello. My birthday like the holidays became ordinary days however you might want to move your living location if it is that bad. But if you can volunteer in some format you have all green lights there. It will also give you a sense of being valued something people don't do freely anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      I should be more thankful for my Church family. I truly feel loved by them. I'm pretty much homebound right now
  • Though volunteering is very noble, why just volunteer? Put in an application and try to get hired.
  • Matthew 7:12 “do unto others...”. It’s always a good idea to show kindness to others, we don’t have enough of that in this world.
  • Sounds like the opposite of selfish to me. You reminded me of the value of reaching out. If there are things you like or love doing, then you may meet like-minded folks that may reciprocate in a friendship. I wish you well in exploring the possibilities.
  • Another volunteer opportunity is delivering meals to the homebound/seniors.
    • pearllederman
      i dont drive
  • Virtually all people who volunteer enjoy the volunteer work itself and are NOT only there to help others. That's OK, whatever your reasons are, and hopefully the volunteer work will be of benefit to others. In most groups, including church groups, people stick to their own groups and are not really open to extending themselves to new people. Being proactive and introducing yourself can be helpful but joining groups or committees in the church can be very helpful in meeting and getting to know people. The aspect of everybody working toward a common goal seems to help open folks up to one another. Good luck.

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