• not yet
  • I had one stolen. Does that count?
  • I have left it places and gone back for it but I have never lost it.
  • oof, not yet and hope not to
  • I lost my mobile once.
  • No. I always keep it with me even when I go to bed.
    • Linda Joy
      In the shower?!!
  • I have lost many phones in the past some of which were stolen
    • Linda Joy
      Sorry to hear that! I'm trying to get used to a new one. I'm having trouble getting it to alarm. But I might have fixed that today.
  • I dropped my phone in a parking lot I am thinking some years ago. I had to order a new one. Sigh. I don't remember how long I was without a phone. It was probably a week or so.
    • Linda Joy
      I broke mine when I came in from the pool, slipped and fell on my bathroom floor. I've always been fortunate about getting someone to take me to get a new one fairly quickly when mine broke. I had another one that the battery fried
  • Yes, and after about a couple hours, it was found with one of my great grandkids hiding and playing some game on it. Poor thing is always in trouble for spending too much time on the phone playing games. Her mom found her and the phone and the child had to spend the rest of the day in her room with no entertainment. 11/3/22

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