• Very little. Trust me on this, I have learded the hard way that the less personal information your co workers know about you the better.
  • A little too much sometimes, I need to learn to zip it as I'm never sure who I can actually trust!
  • As little as i possible can (not easy) they love to gossip and twist things around, behind each others backs :(
  • None, I haven't worked here very long and I don't know anyone well enough.
  • If they want to talk about anything, I'll talk. If not. I just let them be. Usually just stories and anecdotes. I do remember one time, it was a very, very, slow day at work, and me and this girl were both working until closing time. And, you know, we got along well but we never really talked that much, we're just quieter people. But, anyway, just waiting for that 15 minutes or so for out shift to end, somehow she more or less got to telling her life story for the past few years.
  • ZERO!!! my personal life is on a need-to-know basis... if they dont need to know, i dont tell them :)
  • I have never been one to share anything of an intimate nature with anyone and I don't understand people who do. But I was friendly, certainly, and we exchanged stories of what we did on the weekend, etcetera! :)
  • Very little. My home life and work life are seperate.
  • My coworkers are my friends. But still, not too much.
  • As little as possible.
  • depends on the co-worker. several i've become friends with and shared a lot of personal information. more, i've kept a good working relationship. i once dated a woman i worked with - 25 years ago - i'd never do that again!!!
  • I have told friends things that I have later regretted because I learned that people can take anything and add a little bit to it and add in their version and before you know it you are a murderer and a slut and blah blah blah. so I don't even tell those who claim to be my friends any more than they have to know so as far as co workers... they know ONLY what they must know in case. do not open the doors for gossip or lies.
  • Since I work side by side with just a few seems like we know just about everything about each other. We are like a family. And, we all support one another just like a family would do. However, I do try not to unload on my co-workers because everyone has problems. If we carry our problems to work and talk about them too often, it has the potential to make us look incompetent.
  • I run two small businesses from my home and I am the only person in my company ... so I have no coworkers ... but I share everything about me with me ...
  • Nothing i keep my personal life to myself:-)
  • Almost none, It is not a good idea. There are those in the workplace that might use knowledge about you...... against their benefit. For example if you told a co-worker you went out and got drunk.........suddenly the story around the office is you are an Alcoholic.
  • What personal life? It all happens there;)
  • its best to keep your personal life outside of the work place and keep your work life your work life live two seprate lives.
  • I share some of it with people I can trust. I know some people will blab their whole business to an entire office, but that can make them look bad so as little as possible is best.

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