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  • Even though I know she wouldn't be into it, I would still want to make my presence known.
  • CUPCAKE HAS CLAWS AND HONEY, I WILL BE USING THEM TO TEAR THAT BITCH'S FACE//TITS OFF. i would immediately start losing weight and dressing super sexy, and trying to show off how many guys pursue me to keep him reigned in.
  • Very mad.
  • I hope that I will always treat him like we are newly in love and lavish him with attention and cheerfulness and good sex and good conversation so that he never even notices his pursuers, let alone has the energy for anyone else.
  • I'd have to resort to violence. I'm not a jelous type, but if she was actually PERSUING him...back up, barbie!
  • I would be fine. My S/o would take care of the issue.
  • TERRIBLE. This happened to me before and I cut off all my hair. I look terrible and I have to wait a year for it to grow back.
  • A guy in my wife's unit hit on her hardcore for a long time. Once he even did it while I was there with her. I just went to his platoon SGT and told him that if the guy didn't back off I'd kill him. He didn't seem to take me too seriously, like "ok, I'll talk to him, but you know he's just that way." So I pulled out my knife and showed it to him. I told him that I would give the guy a Sicilian necktie if he didn't back off. The guy was moved to another unit.
  • Don't Mess With My Man~
  • I trust him so I'm not worried about the person pursuing him getting anywhere. I'd try to politely back her off though and if that didn't work. . .if she wants to make an arse of herself then so be it.
  • I've actually been in that situation and it didn't bother me. In all honesty if I had to worry I would say I wouldn't have much of a relationship or a very trustworthy girlfriend to begin with. I actually joked about it and picked on her from time to time over it. Even when he got her number and started calling her and stuff, I made it clear I didn't like it and she should put an end to it nicely but it really only took him bumping into her and I in a public place and me "introducing" myself to him to put an end to it...we laugh about it now
  • I would make sure he know I existed and after that I would trust her... if she needed my help she would ask for it. I would not fault him for pursuing, he has no bond, loyalty, or obligation to me. if she were to accept his advances I would be grateful he had exposed her lack of loyalty and I'd kick her to the curb.
  • I'd feel bad for her..she'd be looking mighty foolish, desperate, clingy and kinda ridiculous. I'd pity her! :)
  • No way. I would be furious. Marriages have a hard enough time without another person tempting a person out of their marriage vows. My husband has never even slightly shown any interest in another woman. He loves me dearly. But I would certainly take some time out of my day to have a discussion with that woman. My husband would ignore it too long for my comfort. I want it to end NOW.
  • If it were someone i considered a friend, i'd feel they lack respect, but other than that I'd feel okay. My s/o can take care of his own issues.
  • It would depend on what my boyfriend was like. If he was easily influenced, I would feel threatened. Usually I'm the type who makes fun of the girl or makes it clear that she is not welcome.
  • I'd hunt Beaver.......
  • Knock yourself out! Unless my s/o allows himself to be pursued. Then in that case - better sooner rather than later that I know that he isn't committed to our r/ship.
  • I'd probably laugh about it. Unless he started pursuing back. Then I think I would stop laughing.
  • flattered then some girl likes my 47 yr old and looks his age husband. he would flattered to and we would laugh about
  • Mildly jealous, irritated, and as much as I hate to admit this, a wee bit territorial. But I know she can definitely take care of herself, and wouldn't need/want me to intervene, I'm sure. I completely trust her and know that she would not be reciprocating the pursuit without having a serious talk with me first.

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