• This car isn't going to fix itself ;) Just kidding. In all honesty, I think women can be independent. They don't need to rely on men to lead a fulfilling life. But living is so much better with someone else to share it with. :)
  • There is nothing that modern society or invention has brought to us that can replace the love and honor that comes from a dedicated partner for life:-)
  • Need-No! Want-Yes!
  • eventhough it doesn't seem like it YES. It might be hard to see, but a woman that doesn't seem to need anyhelp is probably used to doing stuff herself. 'Used to' doesn't want to.....offer some help, better yet just to do it
  • No. I don't. Maybe I'm just ahead of the times.
  • they probably dont need them but they certainly want them ( for companionship, and i guess just a warm body to sleep next to )
  • I don't know keithold. I'm married to a "modern" woman with VERY traditional values, if that makes sense to you. I think (and sincerely hope) she needs me. Lol.
  • well unless they are lesbian in that case. well they dont need anyone. other then their gf
  • I'm going to agree whole heartedly with Hyptocraces: I do not need a man. But I do crave a healthy, loving relationship with a man.
  • Well the obvious answer is NO (since there is NOTHING a man can do that we can't, and there are a few hundred things besides that we can do which men can't!). BUT if we're talking companionship and 'love', then yes we need 'em. Whether we physically need 'em is questionable and always will be. However if we take the question at face value, then obviously we don't. And this wprld would be in a much better state without men. But, then again, any world with only one sex wouldn't be happy, it would be functional. So we 'need' 2 sexes in order to live rather than just exist! Was that a long-winded roundabout answer? Yes.
  • I believe so, it's the evolution thing, I think... :-)
  • I think that people will always need other people..I think that mankind is essentially a gregarious species.
  • Yes i need still to get laid and feel loved. lol
  • Modern women these days are very capable of independent living. They have now made inroads into men's domains and must be counted as a formidable force to be reckoned with for their notable contribution to society. However in order to maintain balance in their lives it is therefore important to perceive the need for interdependence.
  • this is a complex question!!! We make our own money, do our own yard work and most of us raise our children without them. When we try to date them...they use us for sex and flee at the first sign of anything more. BUT, emotionally, we do still need the companionship they can offer (when they are not busy running away.) Unfortunately, where we do need them is where they are least likely to lend their assistance because being a companion is a "trap" to them. My vote is NO! And for gods sake....STOP LETTING THEM USE US!!!!
  • I'm a modern woman and I adore men. :) So yes, we still NEED men! :D
  • I would not say need... I would say want. I do not need a man to survive, I make plenty of money on my own, doesn't mean I want to support a man when he comes my way, In fact my requirements are high but reasonable at the same time... he MUST have job, he MUST have a car or able to drive... he MUST have initiative or goals... I want a man, but I do not need a man... they are nice to have around.
  • No, we don't NEED them! I think it's more a desire to be with someone of the opposite sex, but definitely not a necesity.
  • Yes, I couldnt imagine my life, without the great men that I know.
  • Not at all. Its sad when you still find a women who weigh their importance on if they have a man in their life or not, it doesnt give your life alot to look forward to if you cant seem to find one.
  • not with all the modern sex toys on the market
  • no, but the ones they dont want, i'll take.
  • Of course they do, if no men existed who would open up jars that are closed tightly, carry heavy groceries, or reach the high things?
  • Need.. no not at all but want.. yes
  • They at least need a baby daddy.
  • Only when the batteries go dead!

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