• cuz usually, the woman shows her feelings but the man doesnt (USUALLY)
  • a woman will voice her opinion more than a man,so the way it looks from the outside we are moody, If men would open up like us " tempramental " woman we would see that it's not so much temprament as more apt to get them to understand.
  • i think everything changes from person to person and the only real generalizations you can make are, men has penises and women have vaginas
  • Because "ladies" are supposed to be above that! Society still tells us, that as women we must not show our feels or act "inappropately". Men are "suposed to be manly/agressive. It's all just stupid; we must "control" ourselves, but men can do what ever they want. But men mostly act like selfish childern when they do that! Hope this helps!!
  • i think they can both be equally moody

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