• nope, and i dont think anyone should be, theres no reason for someone to be jelous of me.
  • No..why would anyone be jealous of me? I've never been jealous/envious of anyone. It is a negative emotion and that's against my religion! :)
  • No, I am not the kind of person who brings out jealousy in others. I am the safe, boring one to have around.
  • i dont no why people are jealous of me and find it hard to deal with....i am not rich or why are they jealous ?? and how do i deal with these i ignore it...i dont no thank you
  • yeah, im 18 so can get into nightclubs and they cant hahaha. unfortunately, im in the club with no friends...
  • The question should be "Do I know someone who isn't jealous of me?", why? Because I'm awesome.
  • Everyone is jealous of me, I'm glorious.
  • My soon to be sister in law. She is with my fiance's brother and she is still waiting for a proposal from him when we just got engaged. They've been together 6 years, we've only been together 3.5. Yikes, its awkward!
  • Technically, yes, I do. I work at a warehouse, and while MANY if not most have to run themselves ragged tossing boxes off conveyor belts and sweating like crazy, I usually get to restack trailers at my own pace, even though I usually go it alone. We all get the same pay, but they HATE me that I luck out with restack jobs instead of handing 10 conveyor belts!
  • Hundreds.....they have seen me in the shower
  • I've had people jealous of me my whole life...! People have been jealous for all kinds of reasons, from my getting better grades in school, to buying my own car, to being a musician on stage, to buying a bigger house than them... some people always compare themselves to others, and if others seem to have more or better, it makes them feel less adequate by comparison, so they feel envious or jealous... it's unfortunate, but it seems to just be the way some people are...
  • I think Symbeline is jealous of me because I actually know somebody from Fjfidkashtlvfn! ;)
  • yes, i do!! but they are not jealous of me but of the situation i am in now. I was very lucky and this had nothing to do with who i am! :)
  • Yes, but I think they're demented! : D
  • Yes. She thinks that I want her married boyfriend. She is too wrong!!
  • 1) They D/R me for no reason 2) They talk smack behind my back 3) They pop up on my thread trying to start an argument (when it wasn't even their question) 4) They try to trip me 5) They use every thing they think they know about me to try, and make them selfs look good 6) They start telling lies about me 7) They use my mental illness as a weapon 8) They try to destroy my relationships, and when they can't then they start trying to attack my friends/boyfriends ........................... And this is why their jealous... "Haters only hate the people they'll never be...And the things they'll never have...It's just a little thing called jealousy"
  • Yes, I have a few friends that are jealous of me, because I am not stuck in a bad marriage like they are.
  • this guy i know is jeleous of me because i have friends and ho doesent
  • Yes, I had a couple of people tell me my former roommate was jealous of me. I guess it's because (I was told) I'm more liked than she is, friendlier, more social, and one person told me it's because she thinks I'm smarter than her. I never even thought about these things, it's never crossed my mind to be jealous of her. Well I can see now why she was so hateful towards me, if that's the reason. I've never thought of myself as someone to be jealous of. I have plenty problems of my own, just like everyone else, and am also very boring. :p
  • My sister. She won't admit it, but she went to college, I didn't, and I turned out better off then her. Costed her all that money for a job that went like 8 or ten years. In that same time, I worked, saved, and invested, all while being an honorary high school drop-out. She thinks she's smarter then me - probably is -- but she still refuses to compare financial statements.
  • yh this boy i liked and his girlfriend threatened me and she was jealouse of me she called me a bitchy behinde my back and the boy keeps on looking at me i tryed to anory him and he kepted on looking at me do u think the boy fancys me?
  • Nope, there isnt any reason for anyone to be :)
  • this boy i used to like his girlfriend threatened me and i still like him he keeps on looking at me the girlfriend called me a bitch behinde my back and do u think she knows something about the boy?
  • i'm jealous of myself! ha ha
  • I heard that a girl is jealous of me because of my body. Random.
  • +5 No. With me there is nothing to be jealous of.
  • My neighbor is a diagnosed psychopath and she is extremely envious of me. She is counting my blessings instead of her own. Socrates said that envy is the ulcer of the soul; it eats away your peace of mind and causes you numerous pains and ailments. Aristotle defined envy as the pain caused by the good fortune of others, while Kant defined it as a reluctance to see our own well-being overshadowed by another's because the standard we use to see how well off we are is not the intrinsic worth of our own well-being but how it compares with that of others – In plain English we miss seeing who we are because we are always comparing notes with others.

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