• The reflection (thousands of years ago in those primitive eyes)...?
    • Cry me a River
      Insightful! I think..:) but not the answer I am looking for .. thanks, try again
    • Cry me a River
      Anyway it,s growth.
    • Cruiser - IYNGUYCPL
      Credit card receipts
  • everything you see around you
  • That one is easy. Evidence of intelligent life in 2019 is hard to find.
  • My keystrokes tell the tale. :P
  • Growth.
  • Waste products. Like one of the best ways we may one day find life on a distant planet is detecting an atmosphere rich in gasses emitted by life. Earth for example would stand out due to how much oxygen we have which is a waste product of of many photosynthetic organisms.
  • Air, heat and water is what makes a seed grow and that is evidence of life and so is reproduction after mating.
  • Why is this under "physics?" Is the context of this SETI? In that case, we are looking for any electromagnetic radiation (visible, microwave, etc.) that shows us some sort of structure that could not be easily explained by natural phenomena. For those saying growth, it's a good answer, but many things can grow - in fact, the phrase used to denote rapid growth "like wildfire" reminds us that things can not be alive and yet grow very rapidly. Most adult animals do not grow, yet still live. The biological answer is more focused on evidence that a thing can heal itself and react to external stimuli.
    • Linda Joy
      Stalagmites and stalactites, too. And rivers and glaciers. And hurricanes and tornadoes. And sometimes mountains. Adult animals usually still grow hair, replace skin, mend themselves.
  • Light gives life. It makes things grow.
  • There is no context to your question so there can be no one answer. Without context, we can assume that "life" means any kind of life any where. I don't have to look far for evidence, there is life all around me, both animal and vegetable.
  • Another answer simply put: life is imagining your non-existence.

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