• If you become entirely happy being with that person no matter in which state the person is then he/she is the right one. being with him/her if you can forget whole world, that person is right. but yes more important, you must not overlook his/her negative points, If you know him.her by heart & core and all his/her negative points and can cope up with that then you will definately going to be happy till the time he/she is with you. if you can love a person for what he/she is, in whatever situation. then that person becomes perfectly right for you.
  • "Right" is a woolly phrase and you need to be more specific. If you mean that with that person, you feel; happy free comfortable relaxed uninhibited 100% trustful joyful unrestricted and that you; smile every time you see them they add to you and don't take away from you you want and do support them in all that they need to be themselves/successful and bring them up EVERY TIME. fight for them defend them and then, importantly, you don't; denigrate them put them down verbally or physically abuse them control them dismiss them (although some/all of the above may not be to do with the other person, but to do with you and your insecurities/unresolved problems) Then I would say that this person is right for you and good for you. You know when that time has arrived, because you will be feeling & doing all those things above, automatically.
  • In my opinion, you just no. When you meet the person and you get to no them, you just no that they are the right one. Sorry if thats vague, but when you meet that person you will no what I'm saying. Good luck!
  • Ask his friends their opinion of him. these people will tell you the truth. make sure he is not a drug addict, not an alcoholic, and not a criminal. his friends will let you know.
  • Well for me, I was getting boners a little bit more than usual when thinking about that special person, but that probably not the answer you were looking for. Its different with different people. The usual thinking about them all the time is my only answer.:-)
  • The butterflys in my stomach CANT be wrong.

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