• I'm down around a 2. Not sure this is the wise way to be.
  • Constantly, never ending!
  • I pay my bills and buy groceries - that's about it. I pay my auto insurance for 6 mos at a time. That's as far as I plan ahead. Sometimes I pay my rent ahead, but that's how I save money and avoid any stress of late payments or having to get a ride to pay it in time. I pay ahead via snail mail. Sure wish I could pay online, auto bill pay or over the phone like my other bills. I don't even have to worry about my medical appointments, they schedule them and call me! I plan for the future when I'm invited to an event or if my son is coming to town. But, like you, I'd estimate it at a 1 or 2. Now if my grandson came back into my life and wanted to buy a house or business I'd see about planning for that.

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