• probably
  • Oh Lord, I hope not!! lol Machines don't prefer. They just run program. Someone has to write the ethical algorithm for the computer. Technically the only difference between a calculator and a computer is that the computer can compare one value to another and preform a set of instructions based on the outcome of that comparison. If ______ then (do this). If _____ (do that.) The programmer has to write all the rest and tell the computer what to do. But this basic principle is the basis of most diagnostics, whether medical or mechanical or mathematical or...
    • Roaring
      Yes the original parameters are programmed by people. With AI the computer learns on its own. In the movie "Her" the voice of Scarlett Johannsen said she learned human behavior from facebook and other social media platforms. Often times Science Fiction explores the "what if's" of our technology. Something to think about.
    • Linda Joy
      I much preferred Short Circuit. At least he was smart enough to go for the encyclopedias first! Lets face it any movie that chooses social media for learning intelligence is inherently flawed!

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