• Yes. As a matter of fact this very computer cost a little less as result of that. Money talks.
  • Can people do that???
  • Yes if it's a reasonable amount i'm paying....well I am a Yorkshire Lass!!!!
  • No. I pay the asking price. If I think it is too high I look around for some other supplier.
  • Depending on the circumstancs, yes
  • I always ask for the senior citizen's discount.
  • Nope. Some places offer a military discount and I don't even ask for that.
  • Not only cash I always ask if that the best price
  • Nope. I just think that because of the money that I pay, someone is able to keep his or her job.
  • Asking for a discount is always a profitable habit. There is nothing wrong there as it will create good customer seller relationship and allows more continuity in a healthy market where bargaining is part of the process in trade and commerce and will boost the economic activities of the area.Asking for a discount no matter how small it is helps to generate the activities of the business ie with more happy customers granted the discounts the more customers will enter the market.The business will then earn through volume and there would be a win win situation for both seller and buyer.Then it will be a very happy market.Some of the happiest market that Ive seen are in Penang,Kuala Lumpur,Singapore,Hong Kong,Bangkok,Jakarta,Seoul....where asking for discounts is part of the fun in shopping.
  • It depends on what I am buying, but in many cases when dealing with other business owners you will save big on sales tax and most likely receive a 10-20% discount on your purchase. I ask every chance I get.
  • No, I don't I just think of all the interest I save not using credit.
  • No because I don't really feel entitled unless it is a major purchase where it is going to save them a lot of time, money, and paper work,
  • Never. I look at the price, if what someone is asking, I don't make the purchase. They should always put up what they are actually offering to sell the item for, and if he high prices in anticipation of negotiations, he's dealing with the wrong guy. That's why I rarely ever paid over $1,000 for a car, and NEVER, ever over $2,000. My last car purchase was paid with cash, no discount applied.
  • I recently haggled for the first time in a Paul Smith retail outlet getting a tie reduced from £55 down to £10 and then getting it for "£7 for cash"....
  • If i think the price is going above my budget...i ask for discount..if it is reasonable i never bargain.
  • if you don't then you are settling for 2nd best.
  • yes but not in a loud voice

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