• Some plastics can damage your clothes. Like the bags you get from the cleaners. They emit fumes that are harmful. I think air circulation is better for clothes than being hermetically sealed in a plastic tub or bag. However, I don't think a plastic container is harmful if you are talking about a season or 2. But for years, it is probably not a good idea. If they need to hang the rack should be enclosed in fabric. You can find inexpensive clothing storage systems at places like Target, Penneys, etc. You want to add cedar blocks to anything that will be vulnurable to moths. You also don't want your clothes to be exosed to sunlight which will fade the color. Extreme temps are out, and moisture causes mold and fungus. Try to find a place of moderate temp. Hope that helps.
  • Use those Space-Bags that have been advertised on TV for so many years.
  • If stored at home, they should be cleaned first, put in cloth garment bags, and hung in an environment free of excessive heat or moisture. Never put furs in plastic garment bags. Furs, being a natural fiber, need to breathe. Always use cloth bags or old sheets to cover them. To deter moths, use cedar chips. Moth balls or crystals contain chemicals that can harm fabrics and they leave a pungeant odor that is hard to remove. Smaller items such as sweaters can be folded and put in a drawer or cedar chest. Anything made of a synthetic fabric does not need moth protection or special storage, but should be washed before storing, and kept in an extra closet. If you are short of space, some dry cleaners offer out-of-season storage for woolens, heavy coats or furs. These items are generally cleaned before they are put in the storage as a preventive measure against moths or setting permanent stains. However, there is an extra charge for the storage, and a time limit on how long they can be stored.
  • cardboard box
  • Get one of those vacuum sealers, and shrink them down to an inch per 8 sweaters.
  • In a vacuum seal, a cedar chest, or an air tight container.
  • In plastic containers with clip-on lids. They will protect your clothes from moisture, dust, mold and mildew.

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