• My opinion is that if your life is really so predictable you should: A. Consider yourself extremely lucky. and B. Help other people who have not-so-predictable lives if you have the time to be that bored.
  • We bother because it's too hard to kill ourselves, even if people do call it 'the easy way out'. Starving to death hurts too much. Freezing isn't fun either. So we do what is necessary to avoid those things. I'll never get bored because there are too many fun things to do, not that I get to do them often mind you. That's what you should do. Find something that is fun and do it.
  • Right now I really wonder, im sooooooooooooooooo tired I havn't sleot more than 5 hours in a week.
  • Because you are lucky to have a chance to live. You shouldn't waste it. There is so much to explore. I'm only 48, but I'm never bored, and I can't recall ever being bored. We have so little time here.
  • We bother because each and every person and any other living organism that exist on this planet has a purpose. True, we all go through the daily routine of eating, sleeping and waking up but all these are life's essentials and we have to do this to survive. Other than that, life has way too much to offer for us to get bored.
  • cause we dont have a choice since we're already here

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