• The discussion of silencing dissenting speech is a gravely serious discussion. Tens of thousands of people who's speech was not protected have either lost their freedom or their lives just within the last 100 years and the oppression of dissenters continues in some countries today. The speech of those 'argumentative people'┬áin this country is protected by the First Amendment. In fact this country is the ONLY country left on the earth where all dissenting speech (short of personal threats and calls for out and out insurrection and rioting) is protected. No other country has a First Amendment. Yvette Felarca is an Antifa protester and member of "By Any Means Necessary". She asserts that violence against those who she deems to be members of the far right is not a crime and the First Amendment entitles her to assert those beliefs. It is when she exercised her beliefs in February of 2017 that she crossed the line. Should she be silenced? Should her opposition be silenced? In 2007 the Canadian government levied "criminal" charges against McLeans Magazine for the content of excerpts of the book America Alone by Mark Steyn that were reprinted in the magazine. The government eventually found for the magazine. If the current proposal passes it will soon be possible to earn a year in a Canadian jail for not addressing someone by their pronoun of choice. I believe that is already the case in Great Britain. Aren't you glad you have a First Amendment? Would you let someone take it away from you?
  • Because they're free to be argumentative.

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