• Yep! It lasted about a month and I got on Zolfot to help me
  • I went through a period, where I felt like I wasn't wanted, needed and that It basically wouldn't matter if I died, so I attempted suicide. After I did it I immediatly realized that I was wrong, and took myself to the hospital, and admitted myself into the psychiatric ward. This was after months and months of antideppressants, and nothing worked. Counseling worked best for me, but my fix won't fit for everyone. I was depressed for probably 14 months. I'm now totally off the antidepressants, and only need anxiety medication from time to time.
  • Yes i have, in fact i am going through it as I'm answering this question, i have felt this way since i was 13, I'm 18 now and I'm trying to pull myself out of it, i know its not easy but as many people have told me it is worth it and I'm willing to try, i think that whats helping me the most is writing and meditation,add to that will power, i think its a great factor as well, i think that you can talk for hours with a psychologist but if you don't have the will power to get out of it no one can help you. I wish you the best of luck. Hope you can overcome depression :)
  • Yes, when I was going through my divorce. My brother in law saw the effect it was having on my daughter & said Lisa, either you get out of this depression or me & your sister are sueing for custody. I don't care how you feel, all I care about is my God daughter, you make the decision RIGHT NOW. That's all I needed to hear
  • I know how you feel. I have the same problem. I try to write. Keeping a jounal helps. Talk to your dr. there is help out there. Just don't give up ;)
  • I've had depression since I was ten or eleven (which makes it five or six years). There were several times I came out of it for a while -- the longest was approximately three months, and I suspect that was because of unusually good circumstances (people who made me feel better, a good environment, and so on). I'm stuck in it again right now, though...
  • I was depressed for a few years in High School, based on the circumstances surrounding me, and some previous events which weren't dealt with yet. I got through that by talking to the few people I found who I could talk to, and by going away to college, and by talking to a professional counselor. I think the only real way to get through that sort of depression is to deal with the issues causing it, and sort out your life. I was then depressed briefly but very seriously during college after a minor head injury, but with no circumstances causing it. That, I recognized and talked to a counselor, and took some depression medication for about 6 months until the first course was done, and I was better. My doctor weaned me off it gradually, and said I was a classic case of a chemical imbalance caused by the injury, which balanced out with a chemical treatment.
  • Yes..when my 3 month old grandson died. I didn't even realize it ws so bad until I caught the house on fire and was seeing double. I am not one to take medicine, but this time I had to and it worked. It didn't take too long until I could manage on my own..about a month.
  • Oh yes, a couple of times in my life actually. The first really bad one when I needed to be medicated was when I was 18 in my second semester of college. Things got so bad that I couldn't get out of bed, I dropped two classes because I could only handle the two. Then my mom forced me to go on prozac, it helped but made me gain about 30 pounds, and I lost almost all my friends. I moved to another city the next semester to start over, but then had another relapse. But now that I am older I am much more stable. I am 29 and have a good job now and live in my own place.
  • Never had that kind of experience, thankfully. The longest I was ever sad was in 1960 when my Dad died...he was only 54 and it was so sudden..he wasn't sick..his heart just gave out and he took a nap and never woke up. I was very sad for months..but slowly, with time, it got better. My mom's passing was expected because she deteriorated over a period of years and she was 94. :(
  • Not that I ever went to the doctor to get an official diagnosis or treatment for, But I suspect that I often get depressed. I think a lot of it is stress related. I pull myself out of it by just saying "Screw it" to whatever is stressing me out and go and do something for myself whether it is lunch with a friend, doing an activity I enjoy, or even just going out side for a quick walk. When I get depressed over my job I think about what I can do during the day to make it more interesting or try to look for the positives in it and not concentrate so much on the negatives.
  • I've been in a deep depression for the last 6 years. Its serious enough to warrant a shitload of meds and 3 hospital stay and more than a few "episode" that I still have. My whole family is scared of me because of it> I haven't pulled myself out of it just yet. I don't have good and bad days. I have bad and less bad days and today is a less bad day.
  • It is terrible.No body other than ourselves can help us. I am goig through this now. Its horrible days These are just bad days.But we must come out of thisk
  • Good question! I have flagged it for answers, as we all know someone suffering with depression and have all been touched by it in some way. Amirtha is right, these are terrible times, and can quickly become overwhelming. Axe
  • i get depressed a lot myself cause of living with no income and if someone hires me i dont get to keep the job which depresses me even more, im applying for ssi and adult financial, right now im trying to concentrate on getting income together instead of a job, all it does is depress me when i lose it
  • Yes first I lost my health then I lost my family and my job and my home and I felt like I had nothing left to offer Society I didn't really have a reason to need to be here because my family didn't need me anymore and I had lived a full life I felt like it was time for it to be over what helped me was medications and realizing that there was still a reason for me to be here. I'm able to help others because of what I've been through and I'm happier now. It lasted about 5 years.
    • Linda Joy
      Also crochet helped me because I was able to make things and give them to people and that made me happy. And I like painting and coloring with markers and that helps get my mind off of things music helps as well. Counselors help too. If there's anyone here I can help in any way I'm willing to try
  • ive gotten depressed myself,you might have a chemical imbalance making you depressed, maybe you should see a psychiatrist
  • After my wife left me. I attended workshops for divorced and separated people.

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