• Well, if I can...I AVOID THEM. Simply because I have my own work to do and trying to deal with someone who has a pissy attitude is exhausting... If there was a chance in hell I might somehow influence them to have a change of attitude...then I might give it a shot...but if they are totally closed off to any reconsideration of behavior or opinion...I'm not interested in wasting MY time or energy! I figure we all get to CHOOSE how we want to perceive life and the circumstances surrounding us.
  • there was a lady where i used to work and she was really nice most of the time but OMG when something had gone wrong at home she was a nightmare and had a really bad attitude with everyone. it used to make me feel uncomfortable and i would just try to have little contact with her if she was having one of her days, which was really hard because we worked in the same office and had to communicate.
  • I deal with a chronic smart ass at work. His moods range from sarcastic to hostile depending on his admitted drug intake. He has insulted me and other co worker with name calling and insuitating every one around is idiot or slow. I have tuned him out to the point where I don't even hear him speak. He always follows an insult or a joke at someone's else at expense with the phrase, "I was just kidding." I was seriously like beat this guy with a rubber hose.
  • Find their weakness. This involves some trial and error and should be done within earshot of the boss. I deal with a chronic smart ass at work. I found his weakness is he is sensitive about his height and the fact he talks incessantly. I have tried ignoring him but that doesn't work so I felt I had no recourse but to sink to his level. If anyone reading this can think of a better way of dealing with a "verbal" bully please post it.
  • Sorry, I mean't don't do it within earshot of the boss!

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