• Mostly lighted :(
  • I live in an urban area and it's a little too lighted for my taste - I would much prefer it to be really dark at night so I sould see the tiny little stars that get obscured in my area. But, then again, living in the city has it's benefits also.....
  • Mostly lit for me too with a healthy dose of clouds or smog or whatever it is that inhibits me from seeing them clearly many nights.
  • There's to much light in my area I hate that;Ireally love the night sky!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes I have a wonderful view of the stars tonight & the full moon, its beautiful & full & super bright tonight & you can see a few fat & fluffy clouds hiding in the distance. The whole sky is lit up tonight the brightest I've seen it in a long long time. Wish you could see it, its boo-tiful.
  • Light pollution where I live is pretty bad. If I'm in Delaware for some reason, though, it's much clearer.
  • I'm too close to town... It's way too light in this area... but I go to the top of mary's peak... which is the highest peak in corvallis... And I go up there at night and watch them... It is quite beautiful and you have the whole view... No trees in the way...
  • The night sky with the many stars shinning bright and appears as if you could reach out and grab them.
  • Awesome view from here. And far enough north to even get northern lights quite often!
  • No, my living room has no windows & I can't see the stars but that would be nice if I could
    • - M.C.S. - Dave
      We'll get a chain-saw & cut a hole in the wall.....LOL
  • Yes, if I had a telescope I would have a great view on a clear night.
  • Where I'm living now I can't see much because of light pollution, but if I go to my parents house where I grew up, I can see plenty.
  • We have beautiful skies here. It's very clear at night, if the clouds aren't overhead:-) We also see the aurora borealis often, a beautiful green dancing light show!
  • I enjoy a great view. I live on the border of a state forest, not much light to interfere.
  • You can't view the stars at night when you are in a polluted city..Ü I miss my hometown..sigh..
  • I have a beautiful view of the stars, such as on Sunday night, or this past Monday morning, before daylight, when I headed out for work. In my home State, Pennsylvania, there are found the best two unpolluted sites for star gazing east of the Mississippi River. Cherry Springs State Park is known for some of the clearest, darkest skies in the state. Due to the relative remoteness from all major metropolitan areas in Pennsylvania . Cherry Springs S.P. plays host to two major east coast star parties each year. Most astronomers with large Schmidt-Cassegrains with sensitive CCD cameras and Dobsonian telescopes will trek to Cherry Springs S.P. during the "dark sky period," the 14-day period between the last quarter and first quarter phases of the moon. In an effort to preserve the dark sky conditions at Cherry Springs State Park, the local townships in Potter County have adopted ordinances that require electrical lighting shields that eliminates the "spray" associated with light pollution. In fact, whenever astronomers are present, all white lights are banned, thus requiring the use of red flashlights or filters that allow astronomers to see, and at the same time, preserve their night vision (which takes at least 2 hours to fully see all of the astronomical objects). Another good area to watch stars near my home is at Fowlers Hollow State Park.
  • We have a good view of stars at night here , where i live .and with the sounds from the woods it seems pleasant.
  • I have a great view of them. It's mostly very dark at night where i live and the stars seem so close and so bright. In summer i float around on an air bed in the pool just looking at them for ages :)
  • I always see the stars if it's not cloudy.
  • I see a few here or there.
  • A pretty good view. The "city" that I like in is small. I can drive a few minutes to a beach that is completely dark and have an amazing view. I did that a lot in the summer.
  • its too bright in phoenix arizona at night to see that stars, but if you go about 3 hours north to kingman, they are everywhere, and you can see every single star in the beautiful...
  • We have the beautiful, radioactive, orange glow of our nearby military contractor blocking almost all light form the stars at night here in Greenville, Texas.
  • not a great view from where iam...............
  • i live in the country and on an island...gorgeous nights
  • where i am, you can see barely any stars. but one time i went to colorado and saw a meteor shower. it was amazing. you could see one of the arms of our galaxy across the night sky! it was so beautiful, i couldnt believe my eyes!
  • where i live there is not a good view,the night sky is so bright like afternoon.
  • I see the aurora borealis every other day here in Barrow, AK.
  • we live in the country on a mountain inside a crater... gorgeous skies at night
  • thats great for all those who can reach out and touch the stars all I can see at night is an orange glow from those ugly high pressure sodium lamps! I recently realised that I haven't seen the night sky in over 5 years from my home!
  • 9-10-2017 When I came here in 1948 the sky was totally dark at night and the Milky Way was almost a solid band of light across the sky. Now the light pollution is so thick that Orion might be the only star visible, and maybe not even that one. Skyglow is visible 40 miles into the desert.

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