• You need to get your allergies under control and, if you are a smoker, you *must* quit smoking as it aggravates the condition significantly. This includes exposure to second-hand smoke. If you remove smoke from your environment and get your allergies under sufficient control, the problem should disappear. If you are allergic to your pets, you will contiinue to have problems until they stop sharing your living space. Allergy shots can work very well to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions. A series of shots can provide substantial relief from allergies for a prolonged period of time. I have received several series of shots over my lifetime and have not needed any since my last series about 15 years ago. There are medications you can take to provide short-term relief of your symptoms. However, the best solution is always to remove allergens from your environment.
  • After battling chronic sinusitis for many years, my final outcome was surgery. before arriving to that point, my ear, nose and throat md tried every medication on the market. riding a police motorcycle for seven years, did not help the situation. using moist towels, breathing salt water and sniffing nose sprays worked in the begining. i eventually grew a tolerance to these remedies and my sinuses finally closed completely. the blood around my brain became infected and surgery was my only alternative. i was advised that the procedure used, by my doctor, was only effective in 50% of the patients. luckily, this worked for me. both windows, in my nose, were enlarged to allow drainage. i am breathing better, than ever before. this may be your only salvation. if in the end, surgery is your last resort, i only hope you have the same success i did. i had forgotten how good popcorn smelled as it popped.
  • go see your doctor about it
  • I was sneezing and having bad stuffed up nose. Then I started putting honey in my diet and do not have the sneezing fits or stuffy nose anymore. I hope this is a help for you.
  • That would depend on what triggers your allergic reactions. Is it smoke, pollen, dander, dust, mold, pesticides, grass, gluten? I suggest you see an allergist. Your PCP will just give you benadryl and sinus spray to treat the symptoms and not even attempt to find a cause. If you've identified an allergen I could be of more help.
  • Earlier I had congestion building up in my breathing track and put about a table spoon of honey in a glass of milk (of course stirred it) and now the congestion is gone.

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