• The absolute best exercise is Walking. Start by measuring your steps. Add a walking or fitness app to your phone or get a counter. Start with 6000 steps per day. Also, cut down on carbs if you can 😊
  • I started on my bike around 10, I would go in one direction and get lost. Believe me nothing gives you more urgency then getting lost. I would find a place that has gatorade and replenish. then go back home in the direction I came from. I did this for years and my legs were like tree trunks. When pushing yourself don't think, will yourself through. A cluttered mind will always stop you. Learn how to meditate for that. My mindset was to be like a stream, filtered and pure and always running. Enjoy
  • go outside and exercise
  • Take long walks and jog too.
  • At 16 one still has the notion that refusing to take the steps necessary to solve a problem means the problem should go away on it's own. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. To lose weight you must exercise more and/or eat less or avoid high calorie foods (like junk food). Whining about what you refuse to do is childish and will prevent you from ever resolving the issue.
    • Your Nightmare
      And at 16 I, personally, would not listen to people like you if you have no positive feedback to give. Why don't you yell at so kids to get off your lawn gramps
    • OC Joe
      Regardless, you need a wake up call or you should stop complaining.
  • Sounds like you know what you have to do. You know your output has to exceed your input. So, saying that, if you want resistance/weight training at home and have $30, you can get excellent resistance bands, though you can go cheaper. Also, plenty of exercises that you don't need to buy anything... google them. Cardio? Walking, running, finding some stairs you can climb, biking.

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