• Well i would begin to ask why do you consider it bad
  • Yes, some people are so patriotic that they simply can not see that the US is doing anything wrong. I think it is good to be patrioti, but we also need to see the truth! I am english, I love the country, I would die for the country, but there are many many things wrong with it, hence why I moved to Norway.
  • Yes, I do. Some people are just too proud of this country to think badly of it or to think that it's in bad condition. But that's just my opinion.
  • In many cases I would say without a doubt.
  • Is there any doubt? Go see 'Jihad:The musical' it'll wake you up to the hypocricy of AmericanISM.
  • No that has more to do with the individual. Those of us who are protesting this war and this president consider ourselves patriots. We feel it is our duty as Americans to protect our country and our citizens. Our sons!!!
  • How bad what things are? The war in Iraq is becoming a mess, I think most rational people on both sides can agree with that, but our economy isn't going that badly, and unemployment is down. I never go by all the things people say, I just look around and put things in real perspectives. When I see a bunch of people lining up at starbucks for coffee at 5 bucks a pop, and bottled water sales are still good, the economy is alright. When people are diggin in garbage piles for less rotted potatoes to eat, the economy is bad. There is no legitimate argument to say the economy is bad when " double lattes" are still selling by the millions.
  • It depends on the way you look at, many studies have shown that the united states is falling behind acdemically, that foreign students come here and whip butts in math and science. But we have different education system here than the rest of the world and is one of the reasons why we are still on top. OUr education system enforces creativity allowing people when they enter the work force to create better techinuques to finish a project or presenting their idea in way tha twould make memroable
  • We Americans are a spoiled and pampered species, and things are not so bad as the naysayers would have us believe. People are eating regularly who haven't done a bit of useful work in years or decades. People are buying new cars that cost more than the houses their parents were raised in. The economy is healthy and not anywhere near a state of collapse. Vacation plans and retirement occupy much of our time. Hospitalization is available for even those who cannot pay. This is all true for most Americans. For the rest, what have they, themselves, done or not done that could have them in better situations? Sometimes, it all comes down to personal responsibility that has nothing to do with Americanism or loyalty to a flag or a leader, but we are not living in a police state that is intent on incarcerating or executing huge portions of the population that supports one faction or another, and that is what would constitute a bad state of things, in my opinion. The inconveniences we face today can be overcome by personal proactivism, and most of us can benefit with the assistance from the state, family, friends, social constructs, and a little effort.
  • Very much so.
  • I can tell by reading these answers there are way to many librals and people who watch Bill Maher on here, I have faught and busted my ass protecting this country in the Marine Corp and I will be the first to say our country has flaws and troubles but really think about it, were would you rather live. Freedom is a very hard thing to come by and people have to die to protect it, thank the lord we didnt have people think like this during the revolutionary war or ww2, they can take my life but never take my freedom (william wallace), so to answer your question I dont believe patriotism can ever be blinding.
  • No, I don't think that patriotism is blinding us. I do, however, think that nationalism is blinding us as a society to some pretty dangerous trends and some horrific situations. What most people call patriotism is, in fact, not patriotism but nationalism. A patriot loves her or his country and is willing to do whatever must be done to make that which she or he loves truly great. Sometimes that means facing hard truths. A nationalist believes that one's country is great no matter what it does and has no true vision of love for that country. A patriot would never say "my country, right or wrong." A patriot strives to right wrongs. A nationalist doesn't give a damn as long as it's "on top."
  • Some, sure, I don't know how many. Also, blind anti-Americanism is blinding lots of people even in first-world nations to the US's many good points, and the dangers that the western democracies face from terrorism.
  • No, I don't think patriotism is bliding us. In fact I think we are sorely lacking in it. To me the big problem is we've become an excapist socity with a short attention span who would rather hide their heads in the sand and worry about Britinany Spears then what is happening over in Iraq. We're just too used to having it easy for our own good. It's not until something happens that makes it personal that we really sit up and take notice.
  • Of course it is, But then again patriotism always blinds a certain percentage of any people. I consider them "The 15%". "The 15%" is a percentage of people who will never bother to educate themselves, and thus just blindly trust the government/their party to be right.
  • Yes. Democrats have been blind to all that since the 1970's.
  • depends on where you are at in the nation for the point of view, one city might be getting screwed more than the other.
  • That and the fact politicians will never tell us the truth.
  • No, True Patriotism is the ability to act and speak with dissent, even when it's not popular.
  • Yes. It makes them try to justify innocent people being killed and democratically elected governments being overthrown (ala Panama, the Dominican Republic, etc).
  • I think that when someone wants something to be a certain way they are willing to make great sacrifices - especially if the sacrifices made are not thiers personally.
  • Some, yes. A person with true patriotism will do what is necessary but also what is wise and most effective to ensure freedom that is won not at the meaningless expense of others. Those with blind patriotism refuse to even consider alternative solutions and strategies, willing to take whatever measure will ensure the success of their goals, regardless of others. Go ahead and downrate, but I think invading a country and creating a deadly civil war with a people who had nothing to do with 9/11 in the name of 9/11 and then refusing to accept there might be other alternatives to fighting until everyone's dead is blind patriotism at its best.

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