• Hang the traffickers. But of course that'll never happen.
    • Linda Joy
      lol. And the thought ran through my mind on the addict question if you think they should just be executed, then I come directly to this question and you said it out loud! haha. I'm wondering what you think should be done to the consumers. It is still illegal here. *Please note: BEFORE I'M ACCUSED OF ANYTHING: I never said anyone should be executed*
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, if you're talking about actual human trafficking, then absolutely we should hang them. People who are selling themselves are doing it to themselves, so there's no victim there.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Remember what happened to Epstein. And he had ties to the Clintons AND the Trumps.
  • put the people in jail that are doing it
  • Nothing. As it's a supply/demand business. They are no different to drug dealers or loan sharks in that they know it's illegal and the penalty is high if they get caught. But as long as there are people willing to use them, then they will be around,
    • Linda Joy
      So your brilliant solution is to do nothing and let the children be sold?
    • Archie Bunker
      Liberal answer, Linda. The problem with all the drug addicts is that there are too many drug laws....solution - make less drug laws. Too many illegal immigrants? Do away with the immigration laws. 22's answer is just everyone do what they want, man. Peace bro. And all that nonsense.
    • Linda Joy
      I bet the answer would change if someone sold his ass as a sex slave! Liberals want to give everything away but they don't want to be the ones to pay for it.
    • jshm22
      Both of you idiots need to get your head out your backside and realise it's nothing to do with being liberal or laws. People are people and it's a big world out there with a lot going on that your little minds can only sneer at.
    • Archie Bunker
      It is a big world, and doing nothing is not a solution.
    • Army Veteran
      "The problem with all the drug addicts is that there are too many drug laws....solution - make less drug laws. Too many illegal immigrants? Do away with the immigration laws." - YEAH, this makes perfect sense. While we're at it, let's reduce inflation by raising the cost of everything. And while we're at it, let's reduce the obesity problem by opening free buffets.
  • Install more traffick lights. At least you can collect on the tickets.
  • This is a massive problem, probably too big to solve here but we need to look at the causes, the main ones are probably poverty & conflict. People are trafficked because they want out of where they are, their desperation to get out & seek a better life somewhere else makes them vulnerable to traffickers who don't care if they make it to a new life or die on the way, or actually intend to force them into servitude. What would you do if your country was afflicted by famine or in a war & the whole town you live in had been bombed to rubble, or your religion was being persecuted by a more dominant religion? Would you be desperate for a better life elsewhere? How do we improve the situation for these people so there is no reason for them to leave?
    • Linda Joy
      Execute the ones buying them. Problem solved.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Not our style here in the USA to execute rich people. Anyone who can afford human slaves is probably way too rich to execute. Instead those old rich white men would probably have their own slaves "volunteer" to take their place in the electric chair and our corrupt politicians would be okay with that as long as it paid them some kickbacks.
  • One thing that has been shown to improve the situation in poorer or developing nations is to increase the educational opportunities for women & girls & give them control over their voting & reproductive rights. The birth rate will drop but so will infant mortality & death in childbirth, fewer babies will be born into absolute poverty. Giving girls the same opportunities as boys in education & in the workplace leads to a better balanced society where the desperate situations that fuel human trafficking are less likely to occur.
    • Linda Joy
      PREDATORS fuel trafficking! Poverty is a different topic.
  • It's way too late to do anything. Imagine whose in it.😎
  • Of course what's needed is additional funding. Additional investigators and law enforcement officials tasked to deal with that particular problem. *** Prostitution is TYPICALLY VOLUNTARY and typically does not involve KIDNAPPING. Yes, of course there are trafficked people that are FORCED into prostitution, but (with regard to prostitution) that is the exception rather than the rule. *** No, prostitution should not be legal because of the many (many) problems that arise from it, many of them very expensive for society. What should be done is what Sweden has done, which is to allow prostitutes to solicit but to REQUIRE jail time for JOHNS. Once the money source (the Johns) dries up, so does the over 90%. *** You know if they are consenting or not by [A]-asking them and [B]-asking them in a situation/setting in which you are clearly offering safe harbor for anyone who IS being coerced.
  • Enforce the immigration laws already on the books.
    • Linda Joy
      Who said they were immigrants? Dimi Moor claims to have been sold by her own mother at age 15.
  • Never going to happen with Biden and Harris. They're exacerbating the problem with their border policies. Human trafficking, drugs, crime, and disease all imported on a massive scale. All to a city near you.
    • Linda Joy
      Why does everyone assume its an immigration issue? Americans are sold every day by other Americans! See my other comments about Dimi Moore.
  • It will end when men start taking the Feminist movement seriously.
  • Get rid of the number of cars on the road.😖
  • shut the border and not let them in.
    • Linda Joy
      Dimi Moor claims she was sold by her own mother at 15, and neither of them were illegal immigrants.

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