• alcohol works in many ways on all types of diffrent bodies. personally, the 'ol Jack and Coke give me an ok morning. It's all in moderation. remember to drink responsibly. Peace!
  • I find that sticking to one drink, and that not fortified, works for me. Just beer, or just wine, does not give me a headache even when I drink quite a lot. But a lot of beer and one glass of wine produces a headache. And don't think of whisky, rum etc.
  • Anything Expensive.
  • Anything in moderation will keep you headache free. Make sure you drink slowly and alternate between water and alcohol. You said this was a social event, so you don't want to get too drunk. Anytime you drink enough to get drunk you risk a hangover headache. As a rule though, stay clear of brown liquor. Brown liquors have more cogeners in them and they play a part in the resulting headache.
  • Woodstock.
  • I always get a fruity drink like pina coladas,.... but I will tell you that you need to eat first. Drinking on an empty stomach will definitely go straight to your head.

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