• Well, you could use this opportunity to fart in front of as many people as possible, and then you'll get an idea as to why from their reactions, enjoy, and report back.
  • Some people think farts are rude because they dislike the sound and smell of other people’s farts. Everyone does it though. Sometimes farts can be uncontrollable. I laughed in the middle of writing this answer because I just farted since we are on the topic. I guess some people have a problem with other people’s farts. I think they are funny to hear especially the louder ones. Some farts are silent but deadly.
    • Creamcrackered
      "because I just farted," Lol!
    • Shadow
  • The only thing I know as pure & utter fact is that if you are on a full of people elevator, bring up farting at all always leaves the elevator with a poop stink in it.
  • There IS places for farting, most people believe those places are any and all elevators.

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