• It's not immoral, but it certainly doesn't show her maturity. But who knows, maybe the one kid was an asshole.
  • Morality is not a set standard. In Europe there are nude beaches every where. Woman don't have to have anything on above the waste. In the US that would be considered immoral. Is it a good idea??? to say asshole in front of children??? I would say no. Yet in our day and age with political correctness, LBGT being forced down our throats, fake culteral appropriation, the extent that national tv channels language has come too,,,, the children learn far more disgusting and damaging things from their teachers, cartoons, disney and fake news. You have to do the best you can to guide your children. But, you only have them for 1/3 of the day... the government and libtards have them the rest of the time.

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