• Another Country will make Putin cease fire if it means the USA taking more action
  • At the current rate of conquest, at least a few more months. I GUESS that Russian forces will finish and stabilize the occupation of southern Ukraine (where the very lucrative coast is located) - which might take as long as two months - and then the southern forces will join northern forces in an encirclement and conquest of Kiev, the capital city. My GUESS is that Russian forces will attempt to..."detain" any and all politicians, **perhaps** publicly executing the top politicians (better a martyr than an active leader of an active ongoing attempt to restore the ousted government). Whether executed or imprisoned, former political officials will be removed from the equation. Then replace the former government with a hard-line pro-Russia government that has the facade of democracy and the loyalty of the Ukraine military. Then Russian troops will leave (which, BTW, the new pro-Russia government will claim credit for, in the short-term bolstering its popularity among Ukrainians). After Russian troops leave, sanctions against Russia will be rescinded. The only losers in the long term will be the Ukrainians. Russia wins big in the long term (has political and economic control of Ukraine and its lucrative coast and its lucrative agricultural production).
  • Not long. Putin is at the negotiating table. He's fired 8 generals. China has denied him missiles. His troops are deserting because of no gas or food. He hasn't taken Kiev. His 250K army is incompetent and today he fired 1,000 of his staff. He is censoring the Press and he is getting paranoid. 😖 It won't be long. He'll be gone before sanctions sink in.
    • Army Veteran
      In other words, Ukraine is screwed.
  • It will last until the Rothschilds attain their desired goal, usually making billions of dollars.
    • Army Veteran
      They're financing both sides. They're studying the economic advantages of the Donbas region and whether they'd make more keeping it with western Ukraine or letting it go back to Russia. It should go back to Russia, regardless. The people of that region are pro-Russian and are being held by the Ukrainian government against their will. The only mention of a right to sovereignty is in support of Ukraine - nothing is ever said about the Donbas region and what they want.
    • Creamcrackered
      They financed both wars as well, being the most controlling power financially, prior to both, other than the Vatican who also financed world war 2, you only have to look at the history of the banking system to find this out, the Rothschild's work with the Holy See. (Jesuits)
    • Army Veteran
      I agree. I know the history of the Rothschilds going back as far as how they acquired their wealth. They're involved in a lot of bad stuff - did you know that they use a Magen David in their heraldry? Which is also used as an occult symbol?
    • Thinker
      I am so glad to see there are others that understand how the Rothschilds operate and have for several hundred years. If you don't play their game you get crushed. Case in point John F. Kennedy tried to stop the Federal Reserve Corp. He was dead within 60 days.
    • Creamcrackered
      1465, I remember seeing the star of david on the Scythians battle shields. Which is interesting as back in 2016, the independent wrote an article on the Jewish histories forgotten Turkish roots. Quote "Israeli-born geneticist believes the Turkish villages of Iskenaz, Eskenaz and Ashanaz were part of the original homeland for Ashkenazic Jews." New research suggests that the majority of the world’s modern Jewish population is descended mainly from people from ancient Turkey, rather than predominantly from elsewhere in the Middle East. The new research suggests that most of the Jewish population of northern and eastern Europe – normally known as Ashkenazic Jews – are the descendants of Greeks, Iranians and others who colonized what is now northern Turkey more than 2000 years ago and were then converted to Judaism, probably in the first few centuries AD by Jews from Persia. At that stage, the Persian Empire was home to the world’s largest Jewish communities. According to research carried out by the geneticist, Dr Eran Elhaik of the University of Sheffield, over 90 per cent of Ashkenazic ancestors come from that converted partially Greek-originating ancient community in north-east Turkey." What's interesting is the bible refers to Askenazis in Genesis 10:3 As the son's of Gomer. Thoughts?
  • Ukrainians are being permitted 3 years in the UK for refugee status. I personally don't believe anything happens in this day and era that isn't planned already, this is a game of chess for them, sadly not for the civilians, I know people that were escaping Ukraine and the young men of the family have been sent back to fight, young inexperienced men are going to be losing their lives in this conflict, and widows with children are going to be left, none of this is ok. Still, with the president of Ukraine coming from a television background funded by Russian Oligarchs and staring in a programme where he was president of Ukraine, and then ended up as president of Ukraine, as they say "All the Worlds a Stage,"nearly on par with the first man vaccinated in the UK against Covid being called "William Shakespeare," I bet that gave them all a laugh. People need to wake up, and stop being canon fodder and cattle to these psychopaths. In order to find truth, you have to question the "Mass confusion spoon fed to the blind," but as they say, truth comes at a cost, "your security." And regardless of what anyone says, most people prefer "ignorance is bliss."

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