• It will fizzle away like Tucker.
  • Elon Musk is brilliant. Show me a billionaire that puts heart and soul, everything on the line for the "Long Term" goal. The illness of our society(and particularly Wall Street) is the addiction of short term gain. Another systemic problem is inertia to change. As energy storage technologies improve, electric transport Will replace ICE(internal combustion engines) Do you think Cummins Engine is excited about this? Or any of the major car and truck companies? All electrics are here now. Tesla is in the lead due to their Gigafactories producing(with panasonic) their own battery packs unequaled in the market. Yes they will continue to excel. The stock will grow without a doubt
  • have no idea
  • "All things come to an end." Assuming humanity avoids wholescale destruction before Tesla does, Tesla will - one day - come to an end.

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