• sorry for your loss. I don't some days I still cry about things that happened 25 years ago.
    • Linda Joy
      Is it cathartic? Do you feel better after crying it out? Or do you still feel bad but now you have puffy eyes and a runny nose?
  • Oh im so very sorry Linda for the terrible sad news you got!! will be very hard for you to deal with that!!!
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you. We weren't all that close, but even so I can still remember her cute little devilish smile and bright eyes!
  • In this incident Linda, I would feel rage, shock and be devastated. This is horrendous. I hope he suffers a slow and painful death. We had a story reported in the news a couple of days ago, a young women was stabbed to death by her partner, a man in a car had seen her being attacked, and the people around them who were trying to intervene; and so he drove his car at the man, in an attempt to stop the attack, he killed the man in the process, and has been arrested for investigation into murder, when his behaviour was heroic. I felt my blood boil, because there's a lot in the news about women being harassed and killed by men at the moment, we have an organisation started here called Reclaim the streets, but it's not enough, anyway a petition had been started to have his arrest overturned, and for him to instead be treated as a witness to the murder of the young woman, which I signed.
  • You have different levels to deal with here. Besides the close relationship involved, you have to come to terms with the lifestyle she led and the fact that it was self-inflicted. Her BF may have contributed to it (someone had to bury her), and taking off the way he did doesn't look good for him. I'm sure he'll be charged with something connected to it. There's really not much you can do but let things run their course. You can't change what happened and there's no sense in beating yourself up over something you couldn't change if you wanted to (I'm sure you wanted to badly). So sorry for your loss.

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