• Difficult to answer universally. Here in the USA, we have a hybrid economy where some industries are controlled by the government, some industries are heavily regulated tot he point where they are effectively controlled by the government, other industries are moderately regulated, and some industries are hardly regulated at all. The philosophical justification for taxation is that the government provides some services, which cost money, so someone has to pay for them. In a hybrid economy with certain industries intended to subsidize other industries, there is no simple answer to that. As a thought experiment, though, we could redesign the tax code from the ground up. In that case, I believe the less necessary an industry is for the nation, the higher it could be taxed, so things like mining raw materials should have a low tax rate and things like manufacturing goods that are used for infrastructure should perhaps be untaxed. Manufacture of luxury goods could then be taxed at a higher rate and some of those tax dollars would go toward subsidizing more essential industries. Or we could go one step further back and choose a different economic system, such as pure socialism or pure industrial anarchy and tax nothing, since, in a socialist model all industries are owned by the government and in a pure industrial anarchy, corporations are completely unregulated by any government activities, thus receiving no services. We actually have seen examples in history of both cases.
  • At least the same as people pay. 15% sounds good to me.
    • Linda Joy
      So you're going to cut them a break? BTW the average individual income tax rate is around 25%, so is the corporate rate. In the U.S. that is.
    • wiseacre
      You are right, good catch on me for that. And yes, a 29% tax on them would be good I think.
  • They should pay as much as I pay.
  • Problem with companies is that if they run another company at a loss they can escape paying as much tax. Same as if they go into liquidation, they can set up elsewhere under a different name and avoid any debt, in fact corporations are classed as legal entities the same as us having the same rights, EXCEPT, they can avoid debt by dismantling the company and the setting up elsewhere, hence you'd be better to identify as a company
  • They pay their taxes as is required however they have hundreds of tax breaks we ordinary people cannot take. Because of those tax breaks they get to deduct so much they end up paying very little. Many cities in order to have a large corporation move to and build in their city give them 99 years tax free. These benefits are what is killing the rest of us who have only a few tax breaks.
  • Make good what they damage. Does any corpo do that ? All I see them doing is destroying the land and running away ok GM made huge profits out of selling their Australian plants to property developers one was given too them free of charge in the first place the other 2 were sold to them at mates rates in the begining so the people could have jobs. While the corprate is behaving like a decent citizen some must not that I can name any the same taxes as anyone else. Now shall we look at each corpartion on its merrits and make good what they have destroyed and hold all of the scumbag diirectors accountable .
  • Corporations should pay their fair share ie what they owe in taxes. So that individuals don't need to pay more than what they pay now.
  • 15% sounds about right.
    • 11stevo73
      15% of what?

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