• When I was younger I drank a quart of brandy a day. This ended when I had to join AA, where I stayed for many years actually. There, they sell a generic spirituality which even an atheist might feel okay in embracing (if your life depends on it it helps). And in this phase of spiritual thinking I ran into many such thoughts. I must admit, they have great freeing power in them. Unfortunately - for me at least - they tend to come and then go, like novelties I encountered along the way. But I do know thinking certain ways can really change a person and make you feel happy in the face of adversity. I am atheist, but by the end of my tenure there, I actually wrote a prayer and posted it for the members to share. I used the word God for them, even though to me it's a generic term which means really "the universe" or such, not a reference to an entity with a mind. But to them, it meant what they wanted it to mean. I was just trying to sum up the wisdom they had imparted to me, poetically. Anyway, they reached me with their God stuff, and I left when it was over, and to keep I have I said these things fade, and you go back to being grumpy old defeated, yea, for me that's correct...grumpy, defeated, depressed. BUT THIS IS WHAT MAKES SENSE TO ME NOW. I mean, I have but old age ahead. My future is in the past, and it was bleak!! It was awful, and thus so are the memories of my life. So it makes sense to feel a dull constant bad. I wish I had more people in my life, so I could live in jokes again. Jokes are good. So was music. I spent the last 4 years going without things so I could buy all the instruments of a rock band. And I have them now, but still I do not play them because in that time I have become too tired, and the doctors say I cannot be fixed. Good thing I know better than to drink again, as if I could get away with it "sometimes". For I cannot.. And good thing I have the cat, whom I would NEVER abandon, so he keeps me from giving up. He and I watch "telebishun" on the couch each night, and then go get in "the big bed" and sleep, and we start the day together too. Mmm... He's a better pal than loneliness! But this is WAY beyond the simple answer that was called for. Oh well, I always overdo and vanish anyway, you might as well get my story while you can.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      But really, AA was just full of such quotes, to inspire. They have books of them they give too. A 12-step group is a friendly helpful place where one can grow spiritually and emotionally, and start living more authentically, instead of doing some repetitive nonsense "instead" just to get a sensation. .....And there are 12-step groups not just for alcohol, but for actually 600 things one can overdo habitually. Overeaters. Sexaholics. Long list...there are even meetings for people who have to deal with people who require meetings!! And we definitely had people come to AA just for the 12 step program, though they didnt even have alcoholism, LOL. But we didnt throw them out. If they think there's something there for them, power to them. It's a great program that teaches and guides one to personal inventory, then fix the faults you identified, make amends even, then help others, and grow to become a constructive part of the whole which is humanity. This is the closest some folks may ever come to being part of a church, but it can help a lost and tortured soul immeasurably.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree! Thank you!
  • Where do I scatter the sunshine, and won't it burn ?
  • Sounds like a meme that people put on Facebook. Forward this to 20 people and you'll be a millionaire by Friday. Don't forward it and you'll die.
  • It's a rather daft quote and nothing more than a platitude said by someone who has not lived much of a life. Few people have any hate in their heart - what they actually have are complex issues.
  • i think its a good quote
  • Sounds too much like,do unto others as you'll want them to do unto you.
    • Linda Joy
      What's wrong with that?

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