• Biden is a hero to the poor and middle class not to the rich.
  • No! He didn't get it done either time!! Do you even know that inflation is running at 6% because of the money he gave away?
  • He's a legend in his own mind!
  • "Saved the economy in 2009"? Does that include the steady rise in unemployment from 7.6% to 10%? This explains the higher gas prices, higher lumber prices, and the loss of jobs during his administration so far - he's "saving the economy" again.
  • IDK about super hero but the economy is doing better than ever.
  • Biden is a superZERO! When he signs that trillion dollar infrastructure bill, you will be depressed--BECAUSE THEY'LL HAVE TO RAISE YOUR TAXES TO 35% PAY FOR IT!! Biden and Pelosi are going to bankrupt this country. It's all part of their socialist/communist RESET!!
    • Army Veteran
      There's a race going on to try and get rid of them both before they can inflict much more damage. Even Biden's own party is calling for impeachment. And as for Pelosi - she's caused so much damage that the Dems will lose seats in 2022 - including hers. Hopefully, with a Republican-controlled Congress again, they can start on damage control.
  • The stock market is the highest it has ever been and he has created many jobs, too.

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