• Yes I have about 300 pounds of pennies mostly rolled by date. I have been saving pennies since 1974
  • No. I saved the 'new' quarters when they first came out, (I wanted to give a complete set to each of my progeny) but I lost everything I had worked for all my life when I got sick and lost my home so I no longer place my heart on things. Its far better to give something away (I give what change I have to charity) than have it taken from you. Besides it's less for someone else to have to go through when I die, and you can't take it with you. An old penny is a wheat penny, discontinued in 1958. Or anything older. Or at least two cents...
  • no, i just use a debit card
  • Only if they're rare. Pennies are widely considered to be some of the most useless coins available. Most pennies are worth just one cent, but rare pennies are extremely valuable.
  • One penny from the WW2 era is worth 1.7 million dollars.
    • mushroom
      Yes, an authentic 1943 copper cent is one of the rarest coins, but there are many fakes. During WWII, copper was needed for shell casings, so pennies were minted from steel coated with zinc, but a few samples in copper changed hands.
  • No. The pennies twins are no more. I didn't save them.
    • Cry me a River
      What are you talking about?
  • A few I have but don't save them. They are not old pennies. Canadian penny not made anymore. About five years it was stopped.
  • I have a lot of pennies. I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort to roll them or take them to the grocery store change machine and give up 3%?
  • No I use my change if I can in every transaction. I do get odd currency/coins things from the bank and spread them around just for fun.
  • no, but I don't throw them away so they pile up
  • Yes, I do. I generally focus on wheatbacks (pre-1959) and indian heads (pre-1909 IIRC). There are other post-1959 dates that are worth something but I'm no expert. A random 1973 penny is probably just worth face value.
  • yes i do and the best way is in the link.

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