• Yes, food prices have greatly increased in the last year. Personally I bulk buy non perishables and meat for the freezer, when I see them on special. I buy bread 10 loaves at a time from a local bakery, at a 3rd of the price at the supermarket, and freeze it. Otherwise I keep a close eye on the weekly flyers to see where I can save a few bucks.
  • Buy in cases at the city's produce exchange
    • Linda Joy
      How many people are you feeding? ! I doubt I could eat a case of produce before it went bad. How does that work, anyway?
    • Roaring
      A friend of mine had breast cancer and went the all natural route. We would get cases of organic produce much of which she would juice with a cold press. 5 yrs later she is still here and continuing to live healthy and no more cancer.
  • Great time for the summer and lose a pound or two!
  • im on foodstamps right now, i dont worry about food much since im not a big eater
  • By less or cheaper ones and get a better job!
    • Linda Joy
      I'm disabled.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Oops! Sorry I didn't mean anything bad!
    • Linda Joy
      No problem, just letting you know it's not always an option.
  • i work as a restaurant manager so I eat at work and other than that i drink coke zero
    • Linda Joy
      How long have you worked there? And what kind of restaurant? I managed a KFC and a Subway. KFC made employees pay full price for everything including drinks! And I got sick of subway after a while. Ended up trading my free sandwiches for pizzas and free movie rentals with other local managers. When I worked at waffle house I seldom bought groceries.
  • I do most of the grocery shopping for us. I only buy what is on sale. I take advantage of coupons too. Since nearly all the stores I shop at have a card to use. I can download coupons and deals onto the card and the discount is given at the register. Costco for bulk items. We usually get 2 25 pound bags of rice and beans a year and costco has them really cheap. I buy meat in the "managers specials" bin and save some money that way too.

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