• The duck-billed platypus is a mammal that lays eggs.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes! A Monotreme. And let's face it the duck-billed platypus is just funny looking I don't care what anybody says! Lol
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      The male platypus is also venomous, with a sharp spine on their rear legs. The baby platypus drinks it's mother's milk, but playpuses have no nipples, so the milk just comes out of the mother's skin.
  • not sure, never heard anything weird about them except human animals , a lot of them can be really weird
  • not sure
  • Wombats have cubical poop, but I think we had another Q&A about that. Did you know that pidgeon's don't "bob" their heads? They actually thrust their heads forward, and then hold their head stationary while their body moves forward to catch up. It's because their gaits are so wobbly they wouldn't be able to see very well if their heads moved along with the rest of their bodies.

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