• I am thinking of trying to find one.
    • Linda Joy
      Aldi has one in their sales flyer this week.
    • Rick Myres
      Online Walmart and Amazon has them too. Thank you we have an Aldi's here. But I have to wait until the 3rd.
  • not yet
  • Not Yet..
  • Been using one for over 5 years and it's only now starting to wane. They are fairly good but get yourself a 10,000 MAh or better one. It will last longer and you get more charge time out of it. I tended to half charge it every other night and let it solar charge over the day. You can fully charge your phone at least twice (more depends on your phone battery size of course) when it's full. But really it's to serve as a backup for all your USB devices when you need more charge and have no socket.
  • Yes I did and it worked fine. This was the one that I used:
    • Black Mystique
      Link needs to be updated. Just search for solarphonechargerlink on Amazon
  • Solar chargers used to charge a phone directly, rather than by using an internal battery, can damage a phone if the output is not well-controlled, for example by supplying excessive voltage in bright sunlight.
  • Everything solar I work on is a waste of money if the trueth be told. I still doubt at the end of the day the cells make the amount of energy used to manifacture the cell in the first place include the energy to recycle to solar cell and the rest of the dirty electronics they are a waste of time. The solar phone charger I have only charges its own battery Im not sure the solar cell does anything it takes forever to charge my phone off it I never use it.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know if I can trust your opinion. You seem to have a negative attitude toward everything. But thanks for answering.

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