• For years I have written, I have telephoned, I have emailed and found that expecting anything from Shiela Jackson-Lee is like hanging an empty picture frame and expecting a Rembrandt to appear. But she is Johnny-on-the-spot and ready to take the credit when there are cameras around. I do not know how the old windbag keeps getting reelected.
    • Linda Joy
      Interesting! I contacted Senator Shelby online got an answer within days. Have you tried writing John Cornyn or Ted Cruz?
    • tominhouston
      Answering machines. I'm fairly well disenchanted with those stalwart conservatives that were going to this, that and the other back in August, September and October but so far have only offered excuses for why they can't get anything done. For Petes sake they own the White House and both houses of Congress. It is making the libertarians look better and better. Gotta hand it to the Dems. though. I don't agree with a lot of what they did but at least they DID something. Uh-oh...Tommy's ranting..............
  • Many times, and I usually get at least some kind of response from my US House & Senate rep. Not so much from my reps at the state level.
  • What do you mean?
  • I have, on two occasions, and received no response
  • Yep. But being that I'm conservative and Tim Ryan is a jerk, I never get a response.

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