• I took an online test once to figure that out. It said I was fairly in the middle with a slight leaning towards libertarian.
  • undecided since it seems all are corrupt.
  • I'm a constitutional conservative, usually seen as right of center. But as far as the "political spectrum" goes, most people have it all wrong. Most put the fascists on the far right, when actually they're on the far left. And the anarchists on the far left, when they're actually on the far right. More government on the left, less government on the right. Watch this.....
  • I am a centrist and a bloody strict one, at that.
  • I have nothing for any political spectrum. I love America but think the government needs to be thrown out from the top down and all new people no one currently allowed back, People who are for bettering this country and not for any political agenda. All those in politics are a disgrace.
    • Archie Bunker
      Did you happen to watch any of the Kavanaugh hearing? The first day was a f*ckin circus. As an American, I was embarrassed.

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