• probably by what he does
  • Usually when the voters like him and the rest of politicos hate him
  • If they represent well the least of us and still serve all. They fail when moneyed interest influence their actions where those actions hurt the least of us.
    • Linda Joy
      To what extent do you think the government can support the people financially? At what point should moneyed interest in the form of big business be involved or invested in schools? Shouldn't they want a better educated work force and management? What about mental health? Shouldn't the government be concerned about infrastructure so commerce can improve? And at what point is it the responsibility of the churches to care for their needy and neighbors to help one another? More taxes on those who've worked hard for their money isn't fair either! And what can I do as one person to help? I'm sorry, my mind is racing. There is so much in this area I don't know and I don't like the way it makes me feel when I think on these things. But you're not likely to be rude in your reply so I just kinda poured them all out here. Thank you for being consistently kind. I appreciate that..
  • With my Peppa Pig tape measure, of course.

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