• I'm an MVP (Million Veteran Program) at the VA.
  • You've got the address twice (which is making it not work). I called the bastard and asked him if I could buy some spam. He said "what?" I said well that's what you distribute isn't it? And he pretended he didn't even know what spam WAS, so I explained it to him at an extremely loud volume, and then he pretended HE oughta' be angry AT ME, to which I "explained" that he's the criminal who shut our forum down, and he better knock it off. ....At this point he said something about my mother, and what I should do to my mother (and that was actually funny!! But still....I hope his ear hurts.) because you're right, he has shut our forum DOWN completely. .... My message to anyone listening is this: Might these jackasses be using macros? (programs that automatically do one same task over and over (in this case, posting spam)...and so could AB disable the use of macros for posting? ....We get told to take a break if we try to post 8 questions in succession. That's a good thing. But a macro can just wait the time and keep going. It can do this round the clock with no human needed. ..So How can an admin here disallow these jerks from posting at all? BAN them? Do we need more attention payed to REPORTED SPAM POSTS? (so a reported spam post = INSTANT BAN?) *shrug* Something needs to be done when it gets to where the members cant attend! I'd be more than happy to hit "report" whenever I see spam. I bet we all would.
    • Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
  • I won the "People's Choice Award" here about 4 years ago for school bus driver. don't know if this counts.
    • Linda Joy
      Definitely! WTG!
    • Thinker
      Thanks...It got me one of the two new buses the transportation received that school year. I wasn't due for a new bus. I have almost 60k miles on it now.

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